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This entry contains:

Me pleading asking you guys what I should post

Me laughing my ass off on childhood recurring nightmares

Please! Guys, I don't want you guys getting bored with me!
I've been doing a lot of sketches/sketchdumps of things, but I didn't really know if guys like sketch dumps like I do.

I want you guys to tell me what you want me to post. I will  actually do drawings (not sketches) and will probably color (LoL). But I can also post sketchdumps.
So, I will tell you what I've been doodling, and you guys tell me if you want what I'm doodling as real pictures or just post them as sketches.

1) Bleck and Nastasia as friends
2) Pleakley practices (Pleakley....from Lilo and Stitch movies/ the series/ the anime.)
3) Percy and Mrs. Polie. (From Rolie Polie Olie.)
4) Crack O'ChunksXNastasia
5) My voices
6) Avenue Q stuff
7) Portal 2 crack. I mean like HUGE crack for Caroline and Cave
8) Some OCs
9) Rocky Horror (It's mostly Brad and Janet)
OR HELL! I'LL DO REQUESTS! WHY NOT!? :iconthefonzplz:

And now, it's time for me to talk with you guys. And I can hear all of you hitting the 'X' button XDD

Anyone remember their childhood nightmares?

A dream a couple of weeks back reminded me of my most frequent recurring nightmares as a child.
This is also after the 'Cough syrup incident'. Where my parents would keep waking up this one night, forgetting they already gave me cough syrup, and would keep on giving that stuff until I finally passed out :iconsecretplz:

When my family and I were still living with my dad, my ceiling fan would come alive and bring all of my stuff animals and dolls to life to chase after me and almost killing me in a gruesome violent way.
This was just about every night where she (my fan's voice sounded like a lovely woman) and I would have "conversations".  
It's like if GLaDOS was your ceiling fan. Always trying to kill you and insult you.

Looking back on it, it was actually a "I'm gonna tear off that fan, 'cause it still freaks me out, but I'm older now" kind of way.

No really. It's funny now...... I'm cool with it XDD

Slowly turning to stare at my ceiling fan


United States
MEGAN :heart:

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Thanks for faving again! xD
Also, I haven't been on DA in forever, so sorry if I've already said this, or if this is really late.
Apocalyptic-Zombie Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011

Halloween may be back on for us, if you want to go. :3 We went to the Spirit Halloween store, and they had Renaissance masks.
More specifically, they had a courtesan mask (which I bought) and a doctor's mask from Assassin's Creed (which I also bought).
So if you want to wear that sexy long-nosed doctor's Renaissance mask, you can. :3

Just let me know if you want to go, 'cause we don't need to be anything specific according to clothing. As long as we have the masks, then we'll be beautiful. 8D
Mlaa Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011
Thank you for the fave! :heart::blowkiss:
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Thanks for the watch! :hug: I really appreciate it! :)
mrprofessorplum Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011
You're welcome, Shelby! (It's me Jessie, BTW. I changed accounts :D)
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Lol I know I saw after looking at Megan's or somewhere and was like "Wow I feel dumb"
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8D !!
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:iconiloveitplz: Aww~
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